Associated Students of Foothill College

ASFC President's Board

Josh Rosales
ASFC President

Name: Josh Rosales


Office: Campus Center, Room 2013

The ASFC President shall:

  1. Serve as the chief executive officer of the ASFC.
  2. Be the presiding officer of the ASFC Campus Council meetings.
  3. Be an ex-officio voting member of all the ASFC boards, commissions and subsidiary units.
  4. Assume such other duties as may devolve to his/her office, or as may be assigned to his/her office by the ASFC Campus Council.
  5. Be the chief executive officer of the President's Cabinet, which assists him/her duties.
Appointed Positions

Civic Engagement Liaison

Non-voting position

  1. Research and present to ASFC Campus Council opportunities for service.
  2. Report on progress and accomplishments of projects on campus.
  3. Coordinate faculty efforts and student action on projects of service learning.
  4. Plan one service mission to be accomplished each quarter.

Legislative Director

  1. Work in conjunction with the CalSACC, USSA and SSCCC to influence federal, state and local legislation that impacts students.
  2. Provide leadership for ASFC campus wide legislative initiatives as needed.
  3. Organize Lobby Day.
  4. Provide assistance in politically related activities.

Student Rights Officer

  1. Creates an ASFC Student Rights Committee and serves as the chairperson of that committee.
  2. Represents ASFC on the Foothill President's Committee of Cultural Diversity.
  3. Works closely with faculty, staff and administrators whose assignments are responsive for Affirmative Action, Student Rights and Gender Equity.

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