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Summer Term 2015 News
Business and Social Sciences
July 01, 2015

Welcome to Summer Term 2015 in the Business and Social Sciences Division. The second summer term began Monday, June 29, and runs through August 8. Student should be aware they must attend class in both online and face to face classes during the first week or they will be dropped for non attendance. It is important to know that online classes require weekly participation and students who do not submit required assignments will be dropped. Logging into the class does not establish attendance alone, you must follow the syllabus and complete required assignments, discussion posts, exams, etc., to maintain your attendance. If you are trying to add late you must receive an add code from the instructor during the first week in order to register. We do not accept late adds in Summer Term after the first week. If you receive an add code but have not cleared your prerequisites you cannot add the class until your prerequisites have been cleared.

Phone us at: 650-949-7322

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