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The Foothill College Dental Hygiene Clinic (650 949-7335) provides patient services under the supervision of a licensed dentist and registered dental hygiene instructors, as a learning experience for the students participating in the dental hygiene program. Because services are performed by students, your appointment will demand more time than in a private dental office. You will receive thorough and complete care as all procedures are evaluated by instructors, with support documentation for your particular dental hygiene needs. Student operators receive a grade for each appointment.

Your first appointment will be a limited examination appointment. A thorough health/dental history and a limited soft/hard tissue exam will be performed at this time. If dental x-rays are necessary for proper treatment, they may also be taken at this appointment; or if available, please bring your x-rays with you. At the end of the examination appointment you will be advised of your treatment needs, approximate number of appointments and fees. You will then be reappointed with a student operator for your care.

The dentist and dental hygiene instructors, along with your student operator, will give you an estimate of the number of appointments needed to complete your therapy. An appointment for an adult is typically 3 hours depending upon your treatment needs and the students' educational level in the two year dental hygiene program.

Our clinic does not provide restorative dentistry (fillings), oral surgery, periodontal surgery or orthodontics. You will be referred to your own private dentist for follow-up care. A recommendation sheet will be given to you upon completion of treatment along with the phone number of the Mid-Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley Dental Societies. If you do not have a dentist, the Dental Societies can provide information concerning a dentist in your area.

A minimal charge is made for the various services offered. Currently the fee for a cleaning is $30, fees are subject to change. The fees for dental x-rays ranges from $5.00 to $50.00 depending on the type of x-rays taken. Your student operator can explain the fees to you after your initial examination. Payment before services are rendered is our policy. Our clinic has no method of: monthly billing, insurance processing, or credit card processing. Your payment may be made by check if proper identification is available. A current California driver's license and other form of current identification is considered adequate. If you are a student at the Foothill College campus, you must bring your student ID card with you, along with a statement of the fees you've paid for the quarter in which you are having your teeth cleaned, and/or x-rays taken.

Dental X-rays will be taken as necessary and appropriate for dental hygiene assessments, dental examinations, diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. In certain cases, treatment in the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Clinic will be refused without current x-rays present. A separate fee is charged for dental x-rays.

The Dental Hygiene Clinic is open Monday - Thursday. The hours vary from quarter to quarter. The clinic is closed for all legal and school holidays and during the month of August. Call (650) 949-7335 to make your appointment with the office manager in the Dental Hygiene Clinic, Room 5312.

Patients are required to be on time for their appointments. If cancellation of your appointment is necessary, 24 hours advanced notice, within the Monday through Friday campus week, is required to allow your student adequate time to refill the empty appointment time. The student's final grade is based on the number of patients completed. A total of TWO cancellations without 24 hours notice, TWO missed appointments, or repeated unsuccessful attempts to arrange an appointment may be cause to discontinue a patient from further treatment in the Dental Hygiene Clinic. Please respect the student's reserved appointment time for you. Your assistance is appreciated with this matter.

Patients with a medical or dental condition that precludes proper treatment may not be acceptable to our clinic facility. The initial examination appointment will identify conditions which may warrant referral to a medical doctor or a dentist. Please bring a list of all current medications. The following are conditions of patient acceptability for treatment in the Dental Hygiene Clinic:
  1. Free from any medical or dental condition that would make treatment hazardous to patient or student.
  2. Oral conditions that are considered acceptable for student learning.
  3. Patient interest in learning preventive oral hygiene techniques.
  4. Patient cooperation in keeping clinic appointments on time.
  5. The clinic supervisor reserves the right to refuse or discontinue treatment when indicated.

Children under three (3) years of age must be mature enough for clinical care. All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must remain in the clinical facility during patient care. A consent for treatment must be signed by parent or legal guardian before treatment is rendered for children under 18 years of age.
Foothill College is located in Los Altos Hills south of Palo Alto and north of San Jose. From Interstate 280, exit El Monte Road & travel west. Foothill College is on the right about 100 yards west of the freeway. The road around the campus is one-way. Parking is available in all the student lots. Parking lots 5 or 6 are closest to the clinic. One-day parking permits are available for $3.00 (in quarters), in the red machines located on the light posts in each parking lot; however we do have free parking permits in the Clinic. The dental hygiene clinic is located in room 5312 which is in the 5300 building. Campus Map.

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