Respiratory Therapy     (2010-2011)

Respiratory Therapy is a dynamic and challenging health care profession. Therapists work with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in intensive care units and hospital floor care areas. They are involved in the treatment, management and rehabilitation of patients with lung and heart problems. Respiratory Therapists manage the ventilation of critically ill patients, as well as provide care to patients with acute and chronic pulmonary disease. The Foothill Respiratory Therapy Advanced Practitioner program prepares students to become Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs). Program information, admission criteria details, and applications can be found at the Respiratory Therapy Website:

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Upon successful completion of the curriculum for the Respiratory Therapy Program the student will have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and values for the practice of Respiratory Therapy.
  2. At the completion of this program students will be able to demonstrate appropriate critical thinking skills, time management skills, communication skills and technical skills necessary to provide competent respiratory care in multidisciplinary care settings.
Career Opportunities
The employment outlook for graduates is excellent. Respiratory Therapists can work full or part-time. The average salary for new graduates is approximately $68,000. The average annual salary for experienced registered therapists in the Bay Area is approximately $80,000 to $90,000. Most therapists work 8 or 12 hour Hospital shifts. Graduates can specialize in many different areas including but not limited to: intensive care (adult, neonatal, and pediatric), pulmonary function testing, and home care. There are also many opportunities for advancement within the field of Respiratory Therapy.
Units required for Major: 104

Associate Degree Requirements:
English proficiency: ENGL 1A, ESLL 26 or equivalent.
Mathematics proficiency: MATH 105 or equivalent.
A minimum of 90 units required to include:
All General Education requirements
BIOL 41 Microbiology
BIOL 40A, 40B and 40C Human Anatomy & Physiology I, II and III
Core courses (104 Units)
Electives & other graduation requirements as appropriate

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken in sequence for a letter grade. In addition, a GPA of 2.0 or higher is required in all Core and Support courses for the Degree.

Program Type(s):

AS = Associate in Science Degree.
It is strongly recommended that all applicants complete General Education requirements, BIOL 40A, 40B, 40C, BIOL 41, and PSYC 1 prior to entering the program. General Education requirements are waived for students who have completed a Bachelor's Degree at an accredited U.S. college or university. The student is responsible for submitting a general education reciprocity agreement when appropriate.

NOTE: Anatomy and Physiology studied in a language other than English will not be accepted. Health Provider CPR for adult, child, and infant is required for all students accepted to the Respiratory Therapy program, prior to entering the clinic.

Date AVAILABLE: August 1st
(for Fall 2011 start date) at:
Application DEADLINE: May 30.
Applicants who have previously applied, and wish to reapply, must submit a 2011 application.
Application packets submitted must include two official copies of all college transcripts. High school transcripts must be submitted ONLY if they contain prerequisite course work.
Selection is made from a large group of qualified applicants and is based on the following criteria: prerequisite completion, completion of General Education, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology, and cumulative college GPA.
Thirty students are admitted annually each fall quarter.
Full time registration is required.
CORRESPONDENCE: All correspondence for admission should be sent via Certified Mail and directed to:
Respiratory Therapy Program
Foothill College
12345 El Monte Road
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Attn: Kerry West
NOTE: Failure to comply with the proper application process will invalidate your application.

High school graduation or equivalency
Grades of C or higher in high school chemistry and algebra or their equivalent
Eligibility for ESLL 26 or ENGL 1A.
Medical Terminology course (2 units or higher)
Letter grades of C or higher are required for all courses taken as prerequisites.
Compliance with Technical Standards.

NOTE: Physical examinations and immunizations are required for clinical internships. Background screening and drug testing is required. Positive results could impact a student's chance of attending clinics, completing the program requirements or gaining a license to practice upon graduation. The cost of required physical examinations, background screenings and drug tests will be paid by the student. Students accepted into the program will be provided with specific details.

Students are admitted into the program once a year, in the Fall Quarter. Upon successful completion of the Respiratory Therapy program, graduates are eligible to take the National Entry level and Registry Examinations. Past violations of the law may impact future state licensure.

COUNSELING: If you need counseling for academic requirements, please visit For further program information, call Kerry West at (650) 949-7538.

Core Courses: (104 units)
Fall Quarter

RSPT 50A Respiratory Therapy Procedures (4.5 Units)
RSPT 51A Introduction to Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology (2 Units)
RSPT 52 Applied Science for Respiratory Therapy (3 Units)
RSPT 54 Orientation to Respiratory Care (1.5 Units)
RSPT 55A Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy I (.5 Unit)
BIOL 40A Human Anatomy & Physiology I (5 Units)

Winter Quarter
RSPT 50B Introduction to Procedures & Hospital Orientation (6 Units)
RSPT 53A Introduction to Respiratory Therapy Pharmacology (2 Units)
RSPT 55B Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy II (.5 Unit)
BIOL 40B Human Anatomy & Physiology II (5 Units)
BIOL 41 Microbiology (6 Units)

Spring Quarter
RSPT 50C Therapeutics & Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation (4.5 Units)
RSPT 51B Respiratory Physiology (3 Units)
RSPT 51C Patient Assessment & Pulmonary Disease (4.5 Units)
RSPT 55C Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy III (.5 Unit)
BIOL 40C Human Anatomy & Physiology III (5 Units)

Summer Session (6 weeks)
RSPT 55D Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy IV (.5 Unit)
RSPT 61A Adult Mechanical Ventilation (4 Units)
RSPT 70A Clinical Rotation I (2 Units)

Fall Quarter

RSPT 53B Advanced Respiratory Therapy Pharmacology (2 Units)
RSPT 55E Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy V (.5 Unit)
RSPT 60A Cardiology for Respiratory Therapists (2 Units)
RSPT 61B Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care (4 Units)
RSPT 70B Clinical Rotation II (6 Units)
PSYC 1 General Psychology (5 Units)

Winter Quarter
RSPT 55F Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy VI (.5 Unit)
RSPT 60B Advanced Cardiac Life Support (2 Units)
RSPT 61C Home & Rehabilitative Respiratory Care (2 Units)
RSPT 63A Advanced Pathophysiology & Patient Management (3 Units)
RSPT 65 Computer Patient Simulations (.5 Unit)
RSPT 70C Clinical Rotation III (6 Units)

Spring Quarter
RSPT 55G Directed Studies in Respiratory Therapy VII (.5 Unit)
RSPT 60C Pulmonary Diagnostics (3 Units)
RSPT 62 Management, Resume & National Board Examination (1 Unit)
RSPT 70D Clinical Rotation IV (6 Units)

Support Courses: ((Optional))
RSPT 71A-G Extended Clinical Internship in Respiratory Therapy (1 Unit each)
RSPT 72A-G Extended Clinical Internship in Respiratory Therapy (2 Units each)
RSPT 73A-G Extended Clinical Internships in Respiratory Therapy (3 Units each)
RSPT 190, X, Y or Z Directed Study (.5 - 2 Units)

General Certificate information

Academic Year: 2010-2011

Status: Approved
Date Modified: 2010-04-29 16:10:20

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