Elizabeth Casparro
Nutrition Lecturer

Biological and Health Sciences Division
     (650) 949-7999 EXT: 4006

Foothill campus
Office: 5223
Office Hours:
T/Th 4:30 to 5 pm

Biology 45 T/Th 5:30 to 7:20 pm

Course information:
Section: Biol 45-02
GE Status: Lifelong Understanding
Prerequisites: CHEM 30A or 1 year of high school chemistry.
Corequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Biol 40C (Human Anatomy & Physiology)
Highly Advised: Completion of ENGL 1A or ESL 26

Introduction to the medical aspects of nutrition. Biological function and chemical classification of nutrients. Nutritional needs throughout the lifespan. Effects of nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Recommended nutrient intakes and the role of diet in the development of chronic disease. Intended for students wishing to pursue a career in health care.

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