Foothill College soccer alumni and the universities to which they transferred

Kelsey Juggling
Player Transfer University
Gianna Bertana Colorado State University
Kelly Behlen University of California, Berkeley
Marisa Cavanna Menlo College
Brittany Squarcia Menlo College
Bryanna Lopez Saint Leo University
Sam Street Concordia University New York
April Quintter Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Madison Salom St. Mary's College
Grace Nelson University of California, Berkeley
Kelsey Burke Utah State
Laura Angulo Hawaii Hilo
Lizzy Browne University of California, Riverside
Korene Estrada University of Hawaii
Mikeala Jakobsson Hawaii Hilo
Kimmy Denne Depaul University
Lindsey Elsey San Jose State University
Ali Haag Portland State University
Preetman Sandhu San Francisco State University
Julia Landholt San Francisco State University
Shuree Irizarry Cal State Eastbay University
Myra Amparo Cal State Eastbay Univeristy
Sarah Pena Cal State Eastbay University
Ali Haag University of Colorado Denver
Kelsey Poulsen Menlo College
Munvir Dhillon San Jose State University
Karina Cavanna University of California - Davis
Patty Vega Menot College
Angela Bell William Jessup University
Nicole Montague University of California - Davis
Christina Kearney University of California - Santa Barbara
Amanda Boyle Cal State Chico
Anna Calderon San Jose State University
Katie Shelly University of San Francisco
Jackie Ryan Northern Arizona University
Erin Bedell Menlo College
Amanda Boyle Cal State, Chico
Deniz High San Diego State University
Brittany Huth Ohio Dominican University
Nicole Johnson University of California - Santa Barbara
Amanda Lopez William Jessup Unversity
Shauna Saneinejad University of California - San Diego
Anna Calderon San Jose State University
Annie Abbott Menlo College
Tiffany Irizarry Holy Names University
Stephanie Bales San Jose State University
Samantha Vega University of California Los Angeles
Myra Amparo Sports Medicine and Orthopedics at Foothill College
Samantha Brown University of California - Davis
Tamar Petrosian San Jose State University
Jazmin Ohman University of Hawaii at Manoa
Katie Ben Nursing School at Hartnell College
Pritam Stiener University of San Francisco
Nadia Espinosa San Francisco State University
Jasmine Norouzi Menlo College
Emelie Kallner Palo Alto University
Regina Lee San Jose State University
Taleen Petrosian University of California - Santa Cruz
Laura Garrat Loyola Marymount
Tsuyko Western Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Becky Ngoon University of California - Santa Cruz
Brooke Montague Cal State University East Bay
Danielle Hanabusa University of California - Santa Barbara
Erin Diggs School of the Arts, New School, Pratt
Marilyn Nita Cal State University - Long Beach
Tierney Powers American University
Vanessa Krause San Jose State University
Mary Simental University of Dallas
Jenna Smith Santa Clara University
Heather Finlayson University of California - Davis
Claudia Davia Biola College
Karin Karlson San Jose State University
Allison Biser San Francisco State University
Erin Hall Brigham Young University
Alicia Carrara University of Pacific
Jenna Smith Santa Clara University
Gaelin Finley Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Heather Finlayson University of California - Davis
Lised Jacuinde San Francisco State University
Megan Biser Sonoma State University
Mami Kobayashi University of Toyko
Karin Karlsson San Jose State University
Yan Yin Ma University of Beijing
Claudia Davila Holy Names University
Mellisa Biser University of California - Davis
Zoe Weidenfeld Chico State University
Cecelia Fischer Upsala, Sweden 1st Division
Kathy Schafers University of California - Santa Barbara
Mercedes Horvath University of Budapest, Hungary
Fumiko Orita University of Tokyo
Trisha Ignaitis College of Notre Dame

  • Foothill College is ranked 5th in the Nation in transfer rate to 4 year Universities
  • Women's soccer players have an 88% transfer rate
  • 1997 to present the team has enjoyed an average G.P.A. of 3.4
  • 95% retention of 1st year players
  • Career program graduates score in the top 90% on nationwide skill exams
  • SF Chronicle Called Foothill College, "the most beautiful community college ever built"
  • Award winning architecture
  • Considered one of the best education institutions in the country

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