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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Roseann BergP Part time instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Janis BergmannF Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7012eMail
Milissa CareyF Music & Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7582eMail
Gary CiambroneP Part time instructor 650-949-7249
Elizabeth ConsavariP Art Instructor (650) 949-7555eMail
Kimberly CookP Art Instructor eMail
Julie EngelbrechtP Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7111eMail
Cydney Erickson-FeinsteinP Video Arts Instructor eMail
Jordan FongP Art Instructor eMail
Margaret GeringerP Part time instructor 650-949-6955eMail
Hilary GomesF Studio Art Professor (650) 949-7585eMail
Tom GoughF Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7130eMail
Joy HollandF Art History and Art Instructor 650-949-7477eMail
Jeff LevitchP Art Instructor eMail
Jose NavaF Accounting & Business Instructor, Accounting & Business Department Chair (650) 949-7186eMail
Simon PenningtonF Acting Dean/ Art History Instructor (650) 949-7015eMail
Elaine PiparoF Transfer/Articulation Counselor (650) 949-7557eMail
Joe RageyF Art & Graphic Design Instructor eMail
Eloise ReedP Dental Assisting Program Part time instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Andy RubleF Art/Ceramics Instructor (650) 949-7584eMail
Adrienne SaintenP Part time instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Janet SchlechterP Part time instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Cynthia SiegelP Art/Ceramics Instructor (650) 949-7584eMail
Lauri SmithP Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 888-3950eMail
Kay ThorntonF Theater & Fine Arts Facilities Coordinator (650) 949-7252eMail
RJ WardP Music Technology/Video Arts Instructor eMail
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