Foothill College Scholarship Information

Title: SOAR Scholarship
Given by: Chamber of Commerce - Mountain View
Amount:(0 available) at $1500 per scholarship
Deadline: March 20, 2014
Requirements:Application Criteria:
I. Scholastic Performance – Applicant has a minimum 2.5 GPA.
II. Service – Applicant has participated in projects and activities outside the realm of work and formal education, or has shown a willingness to serve his or her school, friends, family or community.
III. Goals and Objectives – Applicant has demonstrated that he or she is developing a sense of purpose in his or her
present life as well as for the future by setting goals and objectives focused on a career path.
IV. Financial Need – While not a major factor, financial need will be considered in deciding between two equally
qualified applicants.
V. Deadline – Applicant must submit application, two recommendations and transcripts by Thursday, March 20, 2014
by 5:00PM.
VI. Submission – Only complete application packages will be reviewed by the SOAR Scholarship Committee.
Description:The purpose of this scholarship award is to encourage, recognize and assist Mountain View and Los Altos high school
seniors, and Foothill-De Anza College students transferring to a four-year university or pursuing a career program.
To Apply:
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