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Shades of Africa is a club which promotes various African cultures, encourages fellowship among Africans in need of guidance throughout their stay in the United States, and educates non-Africans about Africa.

A month ago, Shades of Africa was formed thanks to the effort of about 10 people, whose vision was to bring such an organization into an active position at Foothill College. Since then, this club has worked to set forth standards by which club members will be expected to participate.

Shades of Africa would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Class of 2000!!!

On Thursday, June 15 the Foothill De Anza Minority Staff Association sponsored their annual awards banquet at De Anza’s Fireside Room. Chancellor, Leo Chavez, Trustee, Mary Mason, Trustee and De Anza College President, Martha Kanter were among guests who attended and contributed to an enjoyable and uplifting program. Faculty, staff and administrators from both campuses and district office enjoyed fellowship with one another as well as the mariachi entertainment.

Donald Dorsey, Director of Student Activities, (
at right) Foothill College, received a standing ovation for his keynote address entitled Reflecting on the History of MSA: Struggle, Identity, Self-reliance and Change in the Era of Diversity.

Inez Pardo, EOPS Specialist, Foothill College and Eugene Fujimoto, Director of Multicultural Relations, De Anza College, are the recipients of the Minority Staff Association Awards 2000.

Congratulations Eugene and Inez for making a difference.

The African American Network hosted a retirement reception for Judy Handa on June 14. In the spirit of African tradition and cross cultural friendship it was an event rich in African and Japanese culture with tea ceremonies to naming ceremonies and lots of soulful testimony to one great lady. Judy leaves behind a wonderful legacy and will be a hard act to follow. Testimony made by employees and students spoke to the essence of her integrity, courage, vision, leadership, ability to empower students and staff, radiant personality, compassion for others and fun loving spirit. No wonder she was named Abibi Ifoma (beloved one, lasting friend) during the African naming ceremony.

Judy could not depart from our ceremony without a traditional African American name. She was named Shenequa by our creative vice president of Student Development and Instruction, Ms. Rose Myers. We will miss you, Abibi, but know that you have helped shape generations of successful students and have mentored a new generation of faculty, staff and administrators. Thank you.

My Unexpected Interviewee

When I ask for help, she is always ready to assist me. I find her pleasant and caring. Her blondish –brown wavy hair covers her neck and her blue eyes look at me in a way that confirms that she is listening. She is tall and slim. Her name is Karen Gillette, a librarian for twelve years at Foothill College. As I inquire about some reference material, Karen smiles, and replies with confidence. She is soft spoken.

We begin our first conversation with Karen’s admiration of Barbara Jordan, and a few other notable Black names that I am unfamiliar with. I ask with amazement how she happens to know so much about Black history. She relates my question to the story of her maternal grandfather.

When she reached the age of forty-six, she discovered her real roots. Karen’s great grandfather had gone to the island of Trinidad and married a native woman there. One of their children is Karen’s grand father, Robert Lumsden. Karen realized that her grandfather was of mixed racial heritage. Pictures of him wearing a hat reveal that he did look like a white person. That hat, as Karen explained, was meant to cover his curly Afro hair. The stories she heard as a little girl in which her grandfather either tried to shave off his hair, or wear the hat, finally made sense to her. Her grandfather had gone to Canada where he was able to pass as a white person for admission to veterinary school. I asked her how she felt about what she discovered about her heritage. Karen’s eyes were filled with tears. She became emotional when she replied, "I feel very saddened that my grandfather cut his family off from his roots and his heritage." She pauses for a second and continues, "I feel sad for society. That in order to succeed professionally and economically he couldn’t admit who he was…" Yet Karen felt wonderful, especially during last years of African American History Month when a Foothill African American counselor called her ‘sister’ in recognition of their common heritage.

We agreed that it was a part of her Afrocentric heritage that felt wonderful.

Cyril Cooper, Foothill student, played a major supporting role as the son of Troy Maxson, the leading player in the Theatre Works production of FENCES. Cyril is completing the Foothill Theatre Conservatory Program in preparation for his future career. While in the conservatory program, Cyril performed roles in Beauty and the Beast, Childhood, Hercules, and Escape from Gold Land. He also performed in several dance shows as part of the Foothill Repertory Dance Company, including jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance. In addition to acting and dancing, Cyril enjoys singing and martial arts.



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