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Foothill College Ujima Student
Internship Program

The Foothill College African American Network sponsors the Ujima Student Internship Program for Afrocentric Student Success. The African American Network has a primary obligation to foster the success of Foothill students of African ancestry by building a supportive climate that will promote their academic success, retention and transfer readiness. This is done through the creation of culturally specific programs, services and opportunities that address the needs of this population.

The Ujimma Student Internship Program is intended to educate and prepare our students for responsible leadership, community service, career exploration and skills necessary for living in a diverse society. Through their participation in this internship, students will also contribute to the development of a campus climate that supports the success of students of African ancestry. Meet the 2000 Ujima Interns:

Jamal K. Oakley

Internship Position: Web Site Support Coordinator / Community Technology.

  • Attended Menlo Atherton High School.
  • President, Foothill College Black Student Union
  • Representative, ASFC Organizational Board Of Directors
  • Athlete, Foothill College Track Team.
  • Volunteer Camera Director, Producer and Operator, Channel 6 Volunteer, East Palo Alto
  • Planning Member, Neighborhood Initiative East Palo Alto
  • Member, Leadership Training Academy East Palo Alto
  • Alumni, Shule Mandela Academy

Jamal is interested in the internship as an opportunity to utilize his skills and acquire new ones in technology and outreach.

His grandfather, Mack Dillard, inspired him to pursue his goals in life. Both his grandparents always reminded him that without an education, he would limit his opportunities to soar. Moreover, they believed that whether a person was smart or old, there would always be something new to learn.

Felket Kahsay

Internship Position: Journalism, Community Development and Outreach

  • Completed high school in Kuwait.
  • Three- time leader, Class and School
  • Previous member, Eritrean Youth Association
  • Member and team leader, Pass the Torch and Mesa Programs
  • Founder and Vice President, Shades of Africa, Foothill Student Club.

Felket’s goal is to further engage Foothill African students in Foothill campus life. She also seeks to promote cultural exchange and awareness among the African and African American students on campus. Felket was influenced by her parents to pursue a higher education. Her father, Yohannes Kahsay, a civil engineer for over 25 years has selflessly served his community. In addition to that, his contributions to Eritrean society inspired Felket to believe that one person can really make a difference.

Look for Felket’s new feature column, News From The Motherland to be included in future issues of the Griot.

Gloria Walton, Foothill Student is one class act. She is a source of pride to our campus community and is beloved by all of those who know her. Gloria will be the student speaker at Foothill Commencement Ceremony on June 23. With a stellar academic record, outstanding leadership and community service on a local and statewide level it is not surprising that Gloria was selected out of a pool of applicants from the class of 2000.

Gloria’s rich background in leadership and service includes but is not limited to the following;President of the Black Caucus of California Student Association of Community Colleges, ASFC Agent, former vice president of the ASFC Organizational Board of Directors, former chair of the African American History Month Planning Committee, student employee for the Foothill Health Services Office, coordinator of various campus health outreach programs, past executive officer for the Foothill Black Student Union and past vice president of Foothill Women’s Coalition.

Congratulations Gloria!


Deaidre White

Intern Position: Journalism, Community Development and Outreach

  • Attended Menlo-Atherton High School
  • Foothill College BSU Executive Board
  • Member, Hip Hop Generation Talent Showcase Planning Committee
  • Americorps Member, Bay Area Youth Agency÷Consortium
  • Member, Menlo-Atherton Links Crew and RISE Program

Deaidre is qualified for the Ujima Internship as a direct result of her background working with volunteer organizations. She is a talented poet and aspires to become a professional social worker.

Deaidre’s grandparents inspired her to pursue higher education and serve her community. Deaidre says, "My grandparents raised me to believe that education is the key to success. They always told me that the more you know the further you’ll go and you’re too blessed not to go. My grandparents are definitely my role models."

Rashawn C. Matthews

Intern Position: Journalism, Community Development and Outreach

  • Attended Gunn High School
  • Former President, Gunn H.S. Black Student Union
  • Former Member, Gunn H.S.Christian Club
  • Volunteer, Faith Initiative
  • Member, Foothill College BSU

Rashawn’s greatest inspiration is her children. "I want to be the greatest role model for them that I can be and that means educating myself." Rashawn says that a few women in her family have been great role models. They stress the importance of education and encourage Rashawn to strive for success. "When I see the success of African American women in my family it gives me the reassurance that I need to continue on and achieve my goals."

Aboubacar Traore

Intern Position: WebSite Coordinator / Community Outreach in Technology

  • Attended Lycee Blaise Pascal H.S, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • Member, Foothill College Shades of Africa Club, Karate Club and One World Society
  • Volunteer, Mountain View Public Library

Aboubacar is interested in the Ujima Internship Program because it gives him an opportunity to explore the practical side of his chosen major- computer science. "I think that this internship will be a good and practical way to learn accurate and precise information about Web design. I also think that it is a good way to help students of African ancestry and others to have a better perception of our population as we focus on positive news and information."

The Black Caucus of the California Student Association of Community Colleges is a non-profit lobbying organization that is here to represent you—the BSU. It is comprised of community college students located through out the state of California. To become a member, all it takes is a dues payment of $50.

In return, students associated with your college receive Black Caucus newsletters, as well as attend and participate in all of our scheduled meetings and conferences. We usually have statewide conference meetings three to four times each year. Three of our meetings take place at the different CalSACC organization conferences. During the month of February’s, African American Heritage Month, the Black Caucus has its own Annual Leadership Conference. This special conference gives all the students a chance to get to know one another on a personal level, giving them an opportunity to explore workshops on advocacy techniques, shared governance, resource development, leadership training, and much more.

I would like to say that Foothill’s Black Student Union has been a great support system for me throughout this school year. Thank you. Being elected as the Black Caucus president is one of the greatest things that has happened to me.

It gave me an opportunity to meet leaders of America, understand the educational structure, and it increased my leadership skills. Ultimately, it has definitely been a memorable experience. And now it is time to pass the baton to my successor. I am proud to pass it on to another Foothill College colleague, Anthony Suber. Anthony, good luck for the upcoming school year.

Gloria Walton, President
Black Caucus, CalSACC,

Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022-4599

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