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Habri Gani!

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10 Helpful Hints for
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Strategies for Academic Success

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Foothill in Palo Alto...Middlefield Campus

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Vice Chancellor Judith James to Speak at King Luncheon

Historical Black College Tours

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Harambee 2001

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Off the Hook
Foothill Student Handbook: Get Your Complimentary Copy Today

Beyond the ClassroomBeyond the Classroom: A Foothill College Student Handbook and Planner 2001-2002 is an absolute must. Students love this user—friendly handbook that contains important information about Foothill College that students need to know. Learn about existing programs, services, academic policies, campus life activities and much more. All of the information is brief and gives you important facts to maximize your Foothill experience. In addition to descriptions of programs and academic policies, the handbook features a valuable telephone directory and a list of where campus programs are located. A day planner (calendar) is also included for keeping your class assignments and appointments up to date. You won’t miss out on special events and deadlines because they are listed in the planner. Drop by the Student Activities Office Room 2211 in the Campus Center to pick up your complimentary copy today..

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Can You Guess Who These Famous Women Are?

Toni Morrison,

author, of Jazz, Beloved, The Bluest Eyes and Sula. First black woman to receive Nobel Prize in Literature.

Toni Morrison

Dorothy Dandridge,

Actress and singer. Most known for her roles in Porgy and Bess, Pillow to Post and Drums of the Congo.

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Recent Foothill Graduates Give Advice to New and Returning Students

by Felket Kahsay, Foothill Student

The class of 2000-2001 graduated this June in our annual Harambee ceremony. I want to share their wisdom with our incoming freshmen. Jerry Folly Kossi, former president of the on-campus Shades of Africa club who now attends UCLA as a business major, said that most students go through common difficulties such as finances or homesickness. Nonetheless, students need support from each other by building family through student clubs and close friends. Jerry also suggested having mentor guidance. Most importantly, dedication to your work, perseverance and completing your assignments on time are keys to success. He further urged us to approach our teachers for assistance. Finally, Jerry expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Menedez, Miss Flowers, Ms. Pla-Richard, and the Shades of Africa club.

Temesgen Hailu, another Foothill College graduate who transferred to CSU Long Beach as a computer science major, pointed out the importance of a counselor’s assistance. He believes your Foothill counselor can make planning for each quarter easy by following a schedule of classes required for your major. Additionally, Temesgen recommends selecting a major which is something you really want to pursue. If you plan to complete studies at Foothill and transfer to a four-year school, you need to start researching those colleges and universities early to ensure that you complete specific transfer requirements.

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Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you do the best.

- Marva Collins, American educator

10 Helpful Hints

by Jean Thomas, Foothill Counselor

  1. Don’t work more than 20 hours a week. If you need to work more, enroll in no more than 12 units a quarter.
  2. Choose a counselor to be your own counselor. Share the progress of your educational and life goals with the counselor during regular office visits.
  3. Attend class even when you are not prepared for what the instructor is doing. Don’t skip class.
  4. Find someone to study with on a regular basis that will help you stay on track.
  5. Get acquainted with your instructors. Go to their office during their office hours and discuss your standing in class. Participate in class discussions and activities, and turn your homework in on time.
  6. Take advantage of the college resources; for example, Financial Aid, EOPS, fee waivers, ASFC, Pass the Torch and others. Students who are newcomers from other countries know the value of these services and take advantage of them. Students who have lived here all their lives do not seek out services that can help them succeed as much as they should.
  7. If you attend church, use your church affiliation as another resource that can help you feel confident about your educational and career goals. Your participation in your church helps you to focus on positive goals, one of which is to complete a college education.
  8. Be informed about community and national events that affect your future. You have the power to influence events if you are informed about the facts.
  9. Pay attention to positive behavior of your schoolmates. Honestly answer the question, which of them would you rather be like? Your answer will give you role models for how you can become a successful student as well.
  10. Above all, have a dream for your life and keep it even when it is difficult to hold onto it. This means staying in touch with people who understand your dream, telling others your dream, and renewing your commitment to it on a daily basis through any means available to you. If you don’t trust yourself to live your dream, you will never truly to fulfill it.

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Helping Our Students Succeed

Meet the Foothill College Student Outreach and Retention Team

Foothill College has a new team. The Student Outreach and Retention Office has a friendly staff that is well-informed about college and its many options. They are all capable of visiting any facility or event to share information about Foothill College. They are also happy to discuss educational options with all Foothill students. Stop by and introduce yourself to the staff or receive more information and assistance. The team is located in the Student Success Center, Room 1901.

Donne Davis, Outreach Specialist
Mrs. Davis makes visits to local high schools and informs students about Foothill College and its many programs and services.

Herlisa Hamp, Outreach Specialist (Academic Programs)
Ms. Hamp has the responsibility of connecting with new Foothill students and assisting them with decisions concerning their academic major and education options.

Lisa Lloyd, Outreach Specialist (Career Programs)
Ms. Lloyd makes visits to local high schools and community functions to inform interested parties about the many career programs available at Foothill College.

Fred Tovar, Outreach Specialist (Community Liaison)
Mr. Tovar’s primary focus is informing working adults and non-traditional students about Foothill College. He also recruits at community action agencies and local high schools.

Frances A. Gusman, Dean
Ms. Gusman supervises all student support service programs on the Foothill campus.

MariaElena Apodaca, Division Assistant
Mrs. Apodaca handles the everyday functions of the Student Outreach & Retention Office.

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