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October 2001
Volume 5

This Issue

Habri Gani!

UCLA Takes Notice...

Off The Hook

10 Helpful Hints for
College Beginners

You Can Do it Too!

Batter Up for
College Success

Minority Transfer Program

Strategies for Academic Success

It's in Your Hands

Foothill in Palo Alto...Middlefield Campus

Join our Shades of Africa Club

Vice Chancellor Judith James to Speak at King Luncheon

Historical Black College Tours

Faculty & Staff News

Students in the News

Griots from Senegal

Community Leaders Recognized

Foothill Supports Community Cultural Event

Harambee 2001

Attack on America

Calendar of Events

Harambee 2001Harambee 2001
by Melanie Pla-Richard,
Foothill Counselor, Past President

African American Network

Akwaba (Welcome) to Foothill College.

Foothill Students Register Early
for Fall Quarter 2001

New Foothill student, Leslie Reid, meets with
Dr. Jean Thomas, Counselor, to register for the
highly popular Pass the Torch Program
Step up to the plate for that big home run to a successful university transfer or associate degree. Worried about the obstacles that may be lurking in the outfield? Stay focused, keep your eye on the ball and strategically swing with all your might. Success is clearly waiting for you and your Foothill teammates and coaches are here to support your victory.

Who are your teammates and the coaches? They are dedicated teachers, counselors, administrators, staff, student leaders and a host of campus programs and services—all available to help you. The pitcher may throw the ball of opportunity to you but if you don’t swing the bat.... well, you figure it out! Go for the opportunity. Use campus support networks today.
This edition of The Griot will highlight Foothill programs and services that have greatly benefited students of African ancestry during their successful pursuit of academic and career goals. Turn the pages for helpful suggestions on how to facilitate your adjustment to our campus and earn those high grades. Meet some of our athletes as well as our new and returning students and discover more about the exciting campus life activities and cultural programs that are designed to make your Foothill College experience rewarding. Working and going to school at the same time? Our services are designed to fit your busy schedule.

If you are a returning stIf you are a returning student, I encourage you to reach out to new students of African ancestry and also to develop new friendships across cultural lines. Take pride in your accomplishments, and remember to identify areas for continued growth and improvement. Schedule a counseling appointment to review your academic progress, develop an educational plan and obtain information on campus resources that may help you. Check out the Student Activities Office Room 2211 of the Campus Center and the Career and Transfer Center in the Student Development Center. Additional opportunities await you so take advantage of them now. As Alex Haley once said, “When you clench your fist, no one can put anything in your hand.” Experience the network of support that is here for you today!

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Foothill Athletes register early for fall classes

at Foothill’s Student Success Center

Chauncy Bailey
Lee McLaughlin
Chauncy Bailey,
Offensive Tackle,
FH Football team

Lee McLaughlin,
Wide Receiver,
FH football team

...impossibilities are
merely things which we
have not yet learned .

- Charles W. Chesnutt, American Writer

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UCLA Takes Notice of Griot

by Carri Fierro, Community Programs Office, Advisor

I am writing to you after just having read through “The Griot”. I am a full-time counselor at UCLA and am very excited and thrilled to see the pages full of students and faculty. I got a strong sense of community from reading your paper … and a brush up on my history! I just wanted to commend the students and staff who worked on the paper. I work in the Community Programs Office, which works with student-initiated projects on community service, outreach and retention. I will gladly pass this issue on to students and staff here at UCLA. I was able to visit the online version, but am interested in getting the hard copy to have in the office for people to read. At UCLA,we have the magazine, NOMMO (the word), which is student run. The African Studies Center may have their own publication, but the African Network seems much more of a very active group on the campus that works closely with the students. Once again, I am very encouraged by your paper. I will be sure to share it, particularly with the African Student Union advisor and chairperson.

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